Yoga prices

Tribes offers different pricing options. Choose the card that suits your schedule and daily routine best. To start you can sign up for a free trial class. If you want to come once a week and have a busy schedule, a class card will be the best option for you. If you intend to come 1 or 2 times a week, a monthly unlimited will suit you better than a lesson card – you only pay 14,40 per week! All our cards start the day you purchase the card and end without any strings attached. So, feel free to explore!

Class cards

single lesson – 13,50 euro
5-lesson card – 48,00 euro
(valid 3 months)
10-lesson card – 90,00 euro
(valid 6 months)
*students profit from a 10% discount

Unlimited cards

1 month unlimited – 65,00
1 month unlimited student – 40,00
3 months unlimited – 180,00
3 months unlimited student – 120,00
6 months unlimited – 350,00
6 months unlimited student – 240,00

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