Surya Dvorakova

Surya Dvorakova


My name is Surya, a blessed mama of a beautiful earth Angel Anna and a devoted Yogini and life adventurer. My Yoga journey started more than 12 years ago when Yoga found me. It was Love at first sight! I was captivated by the expansion of awareness and inner liberation I cultivated during this practice. I travelled to magical Santorini to learn about Prana Flow Yoga from Shiva Rea and to Los Angeles for a deep immersion in Bhakti Yoga by beloved Govindas & Radha. I started to sing and dance again. Many more teachers & travels followed. I was getting to know myself like never before, I still am. I see myself as an instrument of Life’s expression through movement and sound. My journey is merely an initiation to rise into my purpose of being available and present to guide You on Yours. Thank you!


Vinyasa Flow Yoga

My class is a sincere heart offering and invitation to explore Your Being as a whole. The dynamic movement offers the opportunity to break through limited patterns of the mind as we deliberately connect movement to breath which is the heart of the Vinyasa. As we tune into our own rhythm, we use the Asana (posture) to open the body and stretch the mind beyond its familiar shores.
My intention is to share the tools Yoga keeps offering me to remind You your infinite potential and beauty so You can create and live the epic life you long for and deserve.


I believe in the healing power of sound and music. I use the music and its rhythm and volume to support the flow of energy and the process of inner and outer expansion during class. You will hear me sing and play mantras during class, mostly at the end of our practice when the body is open and receptive to its healing effect.