Hanna Lucas-Hellman


Hanna was a little ballerina as a young girl, later exploring tai chi, climbing, sailing, snowboarding, yoga and Essentrics…. the common denominator; moving smoothly with the whole body to feel free, fit and energized. Hanna has been a certified Vinyasa flow yoga teacher for 10 years, and certified as an Essentrics teacher 2 years ago.

Hanna’s upbringing in Asia infused her with a love for traveling and exploring cultures, art and foods. In addition to sports and art, Hanna has been diving deeper into Ayurvedic nutrition and cooking and the buddhist practice of living mindfully.

But she started her career differently; for 22 years Hanna was a full time engineer and business developer specialized in hydrogen and sustainability. Recently she has chosen to focus her time, energy and skills on her passion; wellbeing. Initially caring for her 2 children, family and friends. Gradually expanding to teaching and coaching, to help others feel more balanced, energized, free of pain and restrictions. Inspired by the complementarity of yoga, Essentrics, Ayurveda and mindfulness I hope to help others live more fully and happily; to be more at home in your own body.


200 RYT | 300 RYT in progress | LEVEL 2 ESSENTRICS

3 words that describe me

Butterfly | Explorer | Cook

Why I teach

To help others feel happy and well

Secret Super Skill

Squats standing on exercise balls



A little more about Hanna

My approach

As a teacher I hope to guide you in being more fully and at ease in your body and calm in mind. By being mindfully aware of each movement and breath, by both challenging your body and letting go to fully relax and rest. And maybe most importantly; to simply enjoy yourself by tru the feeling the energy and the aliveness in your body.