Yoga & Running


6 week programme consisting of
6 x running class (group)
6 x 20 min strength on demand (for at home)
6 x 20 min stretch on demand (for at home)
6 x run training schedule (at your own level and convenience)

Time & dates group classes
Thursdays 18:00-19:00
2 mei t/m 6 juni

On demand/run training
Suggested days for the on demand classes:
Monday – strength
Tuesday – run training
Thursday – run training (with stretch)
Friday/Saturday – stretch

Price: 75 euro
use discount code STUDENT for 15% off for students, does not apply for PHD students
Instructor: Willemieke

Spring is in the air! Let’s build some booty to go with these Spring Vibes!

Our glutes are the largest and one of the strongest muscles in our body. Building stronger glutes will not only make heads turn, it will also improve your speed and explosiveness but will also help you stay injury free, protecting your (lower) back, knees and ankles. 

The exercises in our routine have 3 main goals:

  1. Target LIFT & SHAPE 
  2. Unlock improved POSTURE