Workshop course ‘NOISE’

When: Thursdays from 20:30-22:00
Where: Tribes Studio – Herenstraat 9
Duration: 4 sessions
Dates: starts 7th of June 2018
Price: 60,00

About the workshop NOISE from Dance Company The Kitchen
In this workshop we will teach every thursday in June repertoire of NOISE; a cinematic dance performance about dreams, where reality and a parallel universe come together in a confusion of time and space.
We will work on the basics of how we developed our movements and teach material of the new performance. Our movement style is an combination of mime and abstract dance; playing with universal theatrical emotions, body language and dynamic, sharp movements. Besides that, musicality is a big importance in our work and the relation with the storyline and others on stage. The workshop will be given by people of the company. Make sure to bring shoes!
The Kitchen is an interdisciplinary dance company founded by Jamie de Groot, choreographer/dancer/composer. Since 2014 he works together with his group and performed on many festivals throughout the Netherlands. Mayke van Veldhuizen, Debora Regoli and Anton van der Sluis are part of the the company. The Kitchen researches the pure essence of dance; movement on music. They want to bring cinematic storylines to the audience by using dynamic, physical images with recognizable emotions and body language of humanity. They work on the way how non-verbal communication on rhythm and the right usage of musical atmospherical compositions can bring something emotional towards the audience. The group tries to reach this goal by researching empathy. With the interdisciplinary way of creating, recognizability and talks after the performances they are seeking more understanding and support for theatre dance. Theatre dance has a social function for The Kitchen; a way to talk and think about conflicts or developments in our nowadays society.


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About DansBlok

‘DansBlok in de Sterrewacht’ is a professional theater dance event in the old observatory of Leiden.

Saturday June 30th
Matinee 14:00 – 16:00 h
Evening performance 20:00 – 22:00 h

Sunday July 1st
Matinee 14:00 – 16:00 h
Evening performance 20:00 – 22:00 h

You will be guided trough the beautiful building, whilst enjoying live dance performances, music and dance films. 5 talented young choreographers show their creations:

ECHO – Rosa Allessie & Wies Berkhout
NOISE – Dance Company The Kitchen
Moreless – Chronos
Ignition – Dieuwertje Spek & Éryn Nieuwint
Dance films by Emma Evelein
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