Women’s Circle

Women’s Circle
with Surya
Saturday April 13th – 13:30-16:30
Studio Doezastraat
Price: 35,00

The re-awakening
Have you been searching for a safe space of loving embrace to Unleash the wild, authentic Woman within you? Do you yearn to be heard and seen and embraced as the powerful Woman and Goddess that You are? We welcome You with arms & hearts wide open into our sacred Circle of Sisterhood.
Just like nature re-awakens after winter, so does our inner flame of desire burns and calls to create and expand into our greatest potential. We have the privilege to be present in times of great shifts and collective transformation and re-awakening of Sacred Feminine Power. This is the moment to fully embody and embrace our deeply rooted authentic wild nature so that we can live passionately and boldly, holding a clear and heartfelt vision in this life.
We will hold space for one another and support & empower each other through a process of Unfolding & Becoming while (re)connecting to our inner feminine rhythm and cycle that is our guiding force. We will share and listen to each other, tune in with the Great Mother energy to journey deep within through breath and meditation. We will also celebrate our womanhood, connect to our body through movement and dance and activation of our Voice.
We will bathe in the energy of the waxing crescent moon. This waxing crescent phase is often referred to as the rebuilding phase. Once the moon has re-emerged with new energy, it is the perfect time to set new intentions for the month ahead.
As we go through a re-Newal phase and explore this new pathway, we will hold a ritual enabling us to cross over with awareness and Love in our Hearts for all the gifts we have received on our journey so that we can rise and claim the path of Greatness we are meant to live and embody. And all this in the embrace of Sisterhood as a safe, loving and nurturing support system we can lean on and keep coming back to.
What to bring:
* An offering for the altar.
It can be a small object, mantra, song or a poem written on paper. Anything that invokes and represents the New phase/path you are embracing in the upcoming cycle.
* Your journal
You can write down what comes through
What to wear:
Your favourite dress that makes you feel like a Goddess!
Get ready to be embraced, loved and celebrated!
Tea, fruits and chocolate will be served:)