Training Hip Mobility

When: Saturday June 10th from 16:30-18:30
Where: Tribes Studio 1 – Doezastraat
Price: 25 euro
use discount code STUDENT for 15% off for students, does not apply for PHD students

Training your hip mobility is fundamental to a happy dance or yoga practice.

What is mobility? You can define mobility as ‘usable ranges of motion’. To move freely within our dance or yoga practice, we need to have adequate ranges of motion, strength through our ranges, and a level of control of our individual joints. Only then we can produce smooth coordinated motion and distribute forces evenly throughout the body. Stiffness, restrictions, and in some cases, pain are signs that mobility may be compromised. Stretching the muscle is often not enough, you want the muscles to be able to ‘carry’ the amount of movement. 


In this workshop we are focussing on hip mobility, as they often need a little bit more love. We are focussing on: glutes, hip flexors, deep rotators and the lower back.