The Pulse: Tantra Workshops


When: Sundays 19:00-21:30
21 april #1 – Home Body
26 mei #2 – Pleasure
30 juni #3 – Sweet Surrender
29 sep #4 – Intimacy Pump
27 oct #5 – Authentic Expression
24 nov #6 – Intuitive Wisdom

Where: Tribes studio 1 | Doezastraat 2a
Price:  €45 euro for 1 evening | 120 for 3 evenings (email to specify the 2nd and 3rd workshop)
Teacher: Robinson von Grumbkow

6 workshops to tune in to the sacred pulse of life, the cosmic vibration. Experience more union with the source: feel intimacy with yourself, others and life itself.

You’re welcome to join one separately or join the whole series.

All workshops include tantric practices done individually, in duo’s and group form.

You can expect breathwork, movement, (always optional) massage & touch, sharing.

#1: pulse: home body

Learn to trust the physical signs to know when there is a ‘no’ or ‘yes’. Establish security and safety being at home in your body.

#2: pulse: pleasure

Explore your creativity in finding new ways to blissful sensation. Follow the flow of your body. Enjoy!

#3: pulse: sweet surrender

Lets travel through the fields of fear and confidence. Surrender and control. Experience the spectrum between the two opposites.

#4: pulse: intimacy pump

The pump that is your heart has an energetic field that we can expand, contract or block. Find out how it is linked to the breath and the ability to open up & be vulnerable.

#5: pulse: authentic expression

Transparency is one of the keys to unlock true connection. We will practice to voice and communicate truth with sound and without sound.

#6: pulse: intuitive wisdom

Beyond the logical, thinking mind is a space. We will venture to the subconscious and open the inner ears. A fun self-inquiry!

Guided by Robinson.

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