Sound healing and Deep Yin


When: Sunday February 6th
Time: 13:00-14:30
Where: Tribes studio 1 | Doezastraat
Price: €20,-
Teachers: Laura Verhoog and Anne Wilmer

Deep yin and compassion journey with Laura & Anne

This special that will take place on the 6th of February, will be all about relaxing and sending love and compassion to yourself and all the people around you. Join us to connect with each other and send some good vibes into the world. We will start with a short meditation, then Laura will guide you trough soft yin poses while listening to healing sounds. Anne will close this morning with a metta meditation and sound bath.

Metta means: sending intentions from a place filled with compassion and loving attention. These intentions are about wishing someone well: good health, happiness and to liberate someone from all suffering. In this way, while helping yourself and others with your good intentions, we also practice our ability to have a deep feeling of compassion for everyone and everything around you. No matter your relationship with them.


To stay in the spirit of giving and yin-energy during this cold winter, you will receive a small gift at the end of the practice, in line with the theme of the special. After class there is time to reflect or share while drinking a nice herb tea and something sweet.


You are most welcome to share and connect on this beautiful sunday!