Sound Healing

Let yourself get carried away during this special afternoon by the calming and healing sounds of singing bowls and other instruments. By playing the singing bowls, they will not only make music you can relax to but they radiate a very strong and solid vibration that moves trough your whole body. Your body consists of 70% water, so al the cells in your body will move along with the vibration like an inner massage.

The sound healing session will be facilitated by Anne, she was inspired in Nepal by the singing bowls to bring the ancient healing method here and bring relaxation and healing to our minds and bodies. We will start the afternoon with a 20 minutes meditation, sitting or lying down. This afternoon we will focus on the chakra’s. We will scan them from bottom to top and give each of them attention and energy. After the meditation, Anne will take you on a journey where your senses will be addressed to activate your unconsciousness and to bring you in a deep meditative state. This afternoon is all about your comfort and to bring lots of good vibes to your mind & body. Everybody experiences something different from the singing bowls, curious what they can offer you? You are most welcome to come and experience!


Date: 24 oktober
Time: 14:00-15:30
Place: Tribes Studio Doezastraat
Price: 20,00
With Anne