Shamanic Breathwork

Using a connected circular breathing technique infused with activating chakra attuned music, the Shamanic Breathwork Journey supports you in releasing outdated programming, unhealthy patterns and behaviours and limiting beliefs. Through this transformative process, you will experience and journey into different realms of consciousness.
The Shamanic Breathwork Journey can assist you in: Accessing and awakening different levels of consciousness Accelerating Personal and Spiritual Growth
Stepping into your full Power
Making lasting Change in your life
Breaking through limiting patterns, beliefs and behaviours
Embodying your Full Potential
What to wear & bring:
Wear comfortable clothing
Bring a mat, pillow, blanket, water bottle and a journal
An open heart and mind
**Eat lightly before the workshop
Friday September 4th from 19:00-20:30
Price: 17,50 (students 15,00)