Root Down

When: POSTPONED to Sunday October 29th from 19:00-21:00
Where: Tribes Studio 1 – Doezastraat with Willemieke
Price: 30 euro
use discount code STUDENT for 15% off for students, does not apply for PHD students

How often do we hear the cue ‘engage your pelvic floor’ in yoga? All the time right?

But do you ever stop and pause to feel into the state of your pelvic floor? It is quite hard to feel the pelvic floor activation, but it is equally hard to let the pelvic floor let go of tension.

Whether it is softness or strengthening that your pelvic floor needs, it probably needs to be attended to most of all. In this workshop we bring our awareness to this second diaphragm in our body. The diaphragm that literally hold our organs in place, that is the very foundation of our energetic center.

Energetically the pelvic floor provides stability and is closely related to our overall sense of safety and groundedness. Disconnection and disbalance bring us out of our rooting and out of our center.

Come for a practice in which we will learn more about the anatomy & function of the pelvic floor, but mostly feel into its state and learn tools to activate and release. So that with attention we allow the pelvic floor to become the juicy & dynamic safety net that it is supposed to be.