Psoas: toward elasticity and release


Saturday April 29th
From 15:00-17:30
Price: 30 euro
With: Willemieke Verweij

The psoas is referred to as the muscle of the soul. It mirrors that what we experience and is strongly bound to our sense of groundedness, safety and feeling flow and vitality in life. It reflects what we hold on to (i.e., stress, trauma) and through it we can find a deep nurturing release.
This workshop is focusses on two components, which you can refer to as Yang and Yin. In the Yang part of the workshop, you will discover the power of a healthy, flexible and strong psoas in the yoga postures. You will learn how to find integration of the psoas within your yoga practice.
In the second part of the workshop, you will experience the deep release of the psoas. Through releasing this emotional muscle, you will experience a deep connection to your inner wisdom and self-healing capacity.