Movement Coaching

For whom
For intermediate/advanced dancers who would like one on one coaching.

One on one movement coaching can focus on movement specific, emotional or motivational challenges. During a session I assist dancers in the discovery of new possibilities and unintended bounderies, which them forms the basis for the session. So if you just can’t find your balance, or notice that you shut down during corrections or would like to dance with more ease… feel free to book a session.

Sessions are 45min or 90min with slots available on:
Tuesdays: 14:00, 14:45, 15:30, 16:15
Fridays: 20:00, 20:45

Introduction offer:
a 30 minute coaching session on 7 june 18:30 or 19:15, 14 june 18:30 or 19:15 & 21 june 18:30 or 19:15 for 20 euro.

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