Mindfulness & Yoga Training (MY-ACT)

Mindfulness & Yoga based Acceptance | Commitment Training (MY-ACT)


6 week training every other week on Sundays from 19:00-21:00
Where: Tribes studio 1 | Doezastraat 2a
Dates: 22 May, 5 June, 19 June, 3 July, 17 July, 31 July.
There is the possibility to join the sessions separately as a workshop
Price: €199,-* for whole training or €40,-* per session
*possibilities to get (partial) coverage by health insurance or employer

The theme of this mindfulness training is Acceptance|Commitment. Accepting that what is, and committed action to that which you would like to change.

Benefits of the training:
– decreased stress-levels
– enhanced ability to deal with hardships
– increased self-compassion
– decreased depressive symptoms, like feeling constant pressure to perform
– improved general happiness
– Boost resilience & self-awareness
– increased connection to values and value based action.

This training helps you to become aware of your thoughts and feelings and to work toward more acceptance. You learn to deal with difficult situations, thoughts and feelings in a different way than your first automatic response tells you: solve! We tend to fight our thoughts and feelings. In this way we unconsciously ensure that they have a greater influence on our lives. With this training you learn to accept that these uncomfortable situations, thoughts and feelings are part of life. Yet at the same time, you prevent them from taking up more and more space in your life. By accepting what is, you can start to focus on the things that really matter to you, and create your life coming from your own values.

Throughout the training you will experience a range of tools and exercises next to the sessions. It is up to you to really engage in this for yourself and choose the tools that suit you in different situations.


Each session has its own theme

Each theme overlaps and interacts with the other, and together they guide us towards a more authentic and meaningful life, despite the inevitable painful experiences we all meet in life.

Session 1 – 22th of May ✦ Acceptance/ Willingness

Learn to be open to whatever may come up; difficult situations in life, but also in our inner world, such as emotions, thoughts and physical sensations.

Session 2 – 5th of June Contact with the present moment

Learn to be in the ‘here and now’, the practise of mindfulness and self-compassion.

Session 3 – 19th of June Defusion of thoughts

Learn to observe thoughts as they come and go, without dominance of attachment, meaning. or judgement.

Session 4  – 3rd of July ✦ Self as context

Exploring ourselves as observers, the awareness behind thoughts, behaviors and emotions.

Session 5 – 17th of July ✦ Choose Values

Discover what matters most to us in life, as guidance for our authentic actions and choices.

Session 6 – 31st of July ✦ Commited Action

Create realistic and effective mental and physical actions, guided by our values.

Register here for the whole training

Find the link to register to the workshops individually below

About Laura

As an experienced Health Psychologist, I believe we all have to find balance between where to commit to change, and where to find calmth in acceptance, of ourselves, our lives and the world around us. Living and working with people in this modern society, I found that we need different approaches to self-development and self realisation. In my training to become a yoga teacher in India I was introduced to yoga and mindfulness. The combination of these techniques with my Western scientific background makes me prioritize the balance between body and mind, in both my work and my private life.

Nowadays I am combining my passion for psychology, yoga and dance in courses, trainings and specials, travelling to different places to share my vision on these topics. I love to work with ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) and also with horses as co-therapists (Equine Assisted Therapy) in my own practice. To stay up to date with scientific insights, I am still connected to Leiden’s University as an supervisor and academic teacher.