Acceptance Commitment: Mindfulness Training


Trainer: Laura Verhoog
6 week training on Sundays from 19:00-21:00
6 individual training sessions.


The theme of this mindfulness training is Acceptance|Commitment. Accepting that what is, and committed action to that which you would like to change.

Benefits of the training:
– decreased stress-levels
– enhanced ability to deal with hardships
– increased self-compassion
– decreased depressive symptoms, like feeling constant pressure to perform
– improved general happiness
– Boost resilience & self-awareness
– increased connection to values and value based action.

This training helps you to become aware of your thoughts and feelings and to work toward more acceptance. You learn to deal with difficult situations, thoughts and feelings in a different way than your first automatic response tells you: solve! We tend to fight our thoughts and feelings. In this way we unconsciously ensure that they have a greater influence on our lives. With this training you learn to accept that these uncomfortable situations, thoughts and feelings are part of life. Yet at the same time, you prevent them from taking up more and more space in your life. By accepting what is, you can start to focus on the things that really matter to you, and create your life coming from your own values.

Throughout the training you will experience a range of tools and exercises next to the sessions. It is up to you to really engage in this for yourself and choose the tools that suit you in different situations.


Workshop 1

LINK MINDBODY workshop 1

Workshop 2

LINK MINDBODY workshop 2

Please note: This is a therapy based course and is therefore allowed to be conducted on site at Tribes. If you would rather follow the training online, please mention this in your registration form. All RIVM guidelines will be followed in preparation of and during the training.

About Laura

As a graduate health psychologist, I have learned to focus on how we can prevent things rather than cure them; this modern society requires a different way of being, doing and thinking, for both adults and children. In my training as a yoga teacher in India I was introduced to mindfulness and self-help. The combination of these techniques with my Western scientific background makes me prioritize the balance between body and mind, in both my work and my private life.