Masterclass: Winter Nourishment to Spring Renewal


Yoga Masterclass with Fanny
Where: Tribes studio 1 | Doezastraat 2a
Date: Sunday 19th of March 2023 from 13:30-16:30
Price: €35,00

March 20th will be the spring Equinox, which means there is an equal amount of night and daytime. The equinox is a moment of balance, as well as it is one of the momentums in the cycle of our year. It’s a shift from the introspective and nourishing time of winter to the creative and increasingly light spring days.

Tune with Nature and allow yourself to make this shift through a long yoga flow. Like the seeds we planted in winter, we’ll start from the ground and slowly uplift our body and spirit, growing like flowers reborn. This masterclass aims to be both grounding and uplifting, balancing the introspective state that we cultivated in winter and celebrating the appearance of spring’s creative energy.

What you can expect:
– We’ll practice hip opening asanas to ground and side stretching asanas for growth.
– We’ll integrate balancing pranayama (breath exercises) and guided meditation.
– You’ll get the opportunity to set an intention for this season: reflect on what seeds you planted in winter and what you expect will grow from these in spring.

For who?
– Enthusiastic and curious yogis and yoginis
– Anybody Interested in tuning in with the cycles of Nature
– All levels

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