Massage Workshop – Valentines Special

Saturday February 17th
Tribes Studio 1 – Doezastraat
Price: 60 euro for 2
use discount code STUDENT for 15% off for students, does not apply for PHD students

Ever massaged your partner (or sibling/neighbour/parent/kid) and got tired already after a few minutes? With this massage you won’t. With a few handy and languorous techniques you are able to truly help your partner relax and at the same time enjoy a mindful moment.

We are all about mindful touch and massage is a BIG part of that. By being in the moment, allowing your attention to be with yourself and your partner, you’ll connect and both feel better. Instead of having cramped hands and a unsatisfied partner, you’ll both be relaxed, centered and joyful.

In this workshop we’ll teach you all you need to know to do this and more. Satisfaction guaranteed and we’ll have fun along the way as well.

We’ll start the workshop with a meditation and we’ll end it with a nice massage exchange.