MANA Repertoire Workshop

Repertoire workshop

Isabelle originally comes from New Zealand and brings her training, culture and experiences with her to this workshop which will focus on the MANA inherent in every being – She will first teach a warmup using principles from her ‘Floor & Flow’ Class – drawing inspiration from various training methods this class will give you more awareness about the ease and efficiency of moving the body in and out of the floor. Through guided improvisation we will also bring our focus to the interconnection between our-selves, others and the space around us. We search together for tools to enhance sensory awareness through re-cycling energy to create a safe dance practice. I seek to introduce a new movement language and allow you to find your own potential language within this workshop. I will also introduce traditional Māori games such as ‘Poi Rākau’ which was a training game for warriors. One person stood in the middle (pūtahi), surrounded by the throwers (tukunga) standing in a circle (wī). The rākau (stick) were made from Mako wood and sharpened. They were thrown to the person in the pūtahi. On catching a rākau the warrior threw it at a person in the circle who didn’t have a a stick, who then had to catch and throw it on. It is a small group cooperation game using rākau passing to improve hand eye coordination and responder/receiver connection. After the warmup I will also seek to expand upon the topics of interconnection by using movement focused exercises to find that invisible thread and energy connecting us. Through this we begin to research how we are all essentially the same with ‘Mana Õrite’ (worthy of respect & equality) In Māori culture, there are two essential aspects of a person’s mana: 
mana tangata, authority derived from whakapapa (genealogy) and mana huaanga, defined as “authority derived from having a wealth of resources to gift to others”. Mana comes through hands-on commitment to your own people. Its tests are your own actions. Its testers, the people around you. It is a cultivation or possession of energy and power, rather than being a source of power. It is an intentional force. Maori have a unique relationship with their natural world. They view themselves as one with the natural world. The people, the land, the sea, the forest, and all living beings. We will discuss and research through our own inner movement; stripping back and revealing new layers that bind and connect us to both ourselves and others – working with social distancing practices we will work in small groups. 


Saturday 24th of April
10:00-13:00 intermediate/advanced level
14:00-17:00 advanced/professional level
Price: 35,00 euro
Max number participants: 8

Studio Haagweg