Gyrokinesis® introduction workshop

When: Saturday 10th of February 2024
Time: 13:00-15:00
Tribes Studio – Doezastraat 2a
Price: 30 euro


Gyrokinesis® introduction workshop
In this workshop you will get an introduction to the GYROKINESIS® movement method to create awareness in the moving body. Through exercises on the mat, seated on a stool or standing, the spine is elongated to reduce tension and compression. Rhythmic, fluid repetitions are coordinated with breathing which results in balance and efficiency in your movement. The nervous system is stimulated and awakens your senses. Adding up to an increasing mobility, strength and flexibility that provides for freedom in movement and support in a healthy posture.

Gyrokinesis is suitable for everyone that wants to experience more conscious and free movement. The class can be adapted to everyone’s possibilities.