Full Moon Journey

Full Moon Journey

with Surya

Full Moon is energetically a very powerful and a potent time to slow down, dive deep into your soul’s wisdom and to retrospect. The cycle is complete as the moon reaches her fullness. It is the perfect moment to release anything no longer serving you and gain clarity around your vision for 2021.

This Full Moon in Cancer will close 2020, a powerful and turbulent year of rapid shifts and changes that, if anything reminded us of the unpredictability of life. It has taught us to re-awaken, be more flexible and to look and seek beyond who we though we were. 2020 has given us a glimpse of a new world we are co-creating together as nothing will ever be the same as we knew it. Let this be an exciting invitation to be bold and confident, who dream big and materialize our dreams into reality together.

Shamanic journey allows you to re-connect with your inner world. A space in your daily life to let go and meet with your soul, your higher self and your purpose.

Through journeying deeper within yourself, you will get a greater understanding of your life and choices you have made as you align with the creator within who takes you on a journey through space and time giving you the full perspective of your being and purpose. This practice will help you to re-connect with your wise-self, your own inner guide through the art of visualization, metaphor, and story.

The Shamanic journey will take place through guided meditation/transmission using breath, visualization, music and word to reach the hidden inner realms that will reveal its mystery and potency to each of you in a very unique way and exactly as you need and are able to receive.

How to prepare:

*Get clear on your intention: What are you calling in and what are you willing and ready to let go of? Write it down, as detailed as possible.
*Create space through the day to be present and connect to your body, your breath and your intention.
*Eat lightly through the day, light dinner, preferably 2 hours prior the journey.
*Wear comfortable (warm) clothes, bring a pillow & blanket, your journal and a symbolic object that represents your vision/dream for 2021.


*Take a bath/shower before you join. Connect to the cleansing element of water and allow it to wash you clean within & without.

For those joining ONLINE:

*Create a cozy, private space where you will be able to sit up or lay down undisturbed. Light up some candles, burn some sage or scented sticks to create the right vibe.
*Switch off/mute your phone and ask your family/roommates to give you 90 min undisturbed. Use headphones (if it is comfortable for you).
*Come with an Open heart & mind.


Wednesday December 30th
from 20:00-21:30
Price: 17,50
Tribes Studio Doezastraat