Flex Challenge


Trainers: Willemieke & Ashton
3 times a week until the 14th of January!
Mon, Wed & Fri at 19:45-20:45

Get access:

Get access:
You have full access with your Tribes membership/unlimited card OR
Get access to the lockdown challenges (Fit & Flex) for 50 euro.
Starting from January 1st: 25 euro

PFF… Lockdown again… Do you want to make sure that this lockdown does not get the better of you?

Since we will be staying safely indoors until further notice, it’s worth taking this time to focus on exercises that you may normally miss, such as those that increase flexibility. We bend so we don’t break right?

The challenge is called flexibility in short, but we will focus a lot on mobility and overall balance within the body as well. The whole challenge will be yoga based (both Yin & Yang) and will give you increased flexibility in the spine, hips, legs , chest and shoulders.

All classes will be held online and will be especially fitted to fit small spaces. All classes will be recorded for playback (from the day after). Ideal to combine with Fit challenge.

Get online:
Step 1: sign up for a class via our mindbody system, just like you would normally do.
Step 2: go to our virtual studio – link here
Step 3: join the class as if you’re with us in the studio.

Register for the full challenge and commit via the form below