Compassionate Yin Special

It is not easy what we all stand for now. A lot is changing and we do not have a lot of control. And for many of us, having control can be the preferred mechanism when everything changes 😉 A thing we all very much need in this weary time is the ability to comfort ourselves. This workshop is aimed at learning how to deal with everything that is passing by, inside and outside.

Every person possesses the capacity for compassion. Compassion requires us to pay more attention to the reality of life and to live it in a meaningful and happy way. In this special we will combine methods to increase self-compassion with yin yoga and meditation. It is open to all and you can access the special online or in-studio.


Saturday October 24th from 16:30-18:00
With: Laura Verhoog
Online participation: 12,50
In-studio participation: 17,50


How to access online?
Step 1: download the WEBEX Meetings application
Step 2: go to our virtual studio – link below
Step 3: join the class as if you’re with us in the studio

* mute yourself as the class is running, unless you want to ask or say something.

Virtual studio link