BLOOM: Reshape & Blossom

With Laura & Sahirine

6 sessions in 3 weeks on Sundays and Wednesdays
Starts on February 14th from 18:30-19:45
Please note: postponed with a week!
Price: 99 euro

Every moment, every situation is an opportunity for growth. Connect to your inner strength and wisdom, to what fuels your fire and be you unapologetically.

In this training we combine strategies to develop more physical and mental flexibility. We gain mental psychological flexibility by recognizing thinking and emotional patterns. All of us have patterns that are unhealthy and that can make you feel as if you are stuck or in a repetitive loop. Do you have these moments when you ask yourself: Why I am in this situation (again)? Why do I feel this way (again)? Through self-discovery and gaining awareness toward these scripted patterns we can create a new way of looking at these thoughts, attitudes and how our reactions make us feel. By opening a new path to process cognitively and emotionally how the input from our surroundings influence our mood, disposition, thinking and feeling we can start to reshape and choose our reaction.

Choosing your own reactions is empowering, you can decide who you would like to be and become. Reshaping and recreating is, therefore a very important part of this training to eventually be able to Blossom.

This training has been especially developed to assist you during challenging times. We have taken into account that lockdowns, professional and personal changes with other life limitations, is asking for a lot of personal resilience. We would like to acknowledge that is OK, not to be OK at times. We are opening a space in which this can be addressed in a safe and nurturing environment. We are ready to support you with an understanding ear, tools and moving strategies to empower you, so all that you have dream of and seek to be, you can embrace! Give yourself the opportunity to blossom!

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