Bloom-Booster: De-stress and Relax

Do you feel stressed out at this moment? Whether it is because of the rising number of infections, or the fact that since summer is over you have a lot on your plate? Days are becoming shorter and you are left with less time and energy than you hoped. If this kind of rings true, then join in for some deeply de-stressing and deeply relaxing you-time.

During this Bloom Booster we will take time to rebalance and reflect. Because if you feel that the activities you undertake are draining you rather than giving you energy, then something is out of balance. We also take some time to discover how can we strengthen ourselves against stress and negative energy from the outside world and how to practicing self-care and self-compassion.
This workshop will be lead by Sahirine and Laura. Sahirine will guide you in strengthening movement and reflection. Laura will guide you in self-care and compassion through soft meditation and restorative yoga.


Sunday January 31th
from 13:00-16:00
Costs: 25,00