Autumn Reflections

When: September 23rd, 2018
Time: 14:15-16:15
Teacher: Marije Verstraten
Location: Tribes Studio – Herenstraat 9
Price: 17,50

About the workshop:
Everything in nature follows a rhythm. The rhythm of day and night, the rhythm of the tides and the changing of the seasons. All seasons have their own dynamic and essence.

In September we leave the Summer behind with all her growth and high energy and move towards Autumn, a more reflective time. The trees carry fruits and seeds from their summer growth, ready for harvest. Leaves are falling, preparing for the stillness of Winter.

We as humans, follow these same seasons as we are a part of nature too. As a human 2.0 we tend to drown out our natural tendencies with technologies that make it able for us to be in a constant state of spring and summer: growth and high energy is what we aim for, the stagnation of winter is what we fear. But in reality just like the flowers and the trees, we need times of rest and reflection.

This is exactly what we will be doing during the workshop “Autumn Reflections”. With the aid of visualisations and the right questions we will explore which treasured fruits of this past year we want to harvest and what we want to let go