Principles of Authenticity in Movement


Sunday 19 February
From 13:00-17:00
Price: 57 euro
With: Willemieke Verweij
For teachers and advanced movement practitioners

Principles of Authenticity in Movement

To be authentic is seen as a virtue. When you are authentic you speak your mind, stay true to yourself and you seem to know exactly what is for you and what isn’t. We all look for an authentic life, but what does it imply and how can we tune into this process of becoming?

Authenticity as a concept has been commercialised in many ways, yet ironically enough by conceptualising authenticity we moved away from the essence. The beauty and power of authenticity lies within the lived experience, the lived body, the here and now.

During this training you will learn which key principles are important to foster and develop an authentic practice for yourself as a practitioner, but also how to teach in a way that fosters authenticity in your students.

The training will be movement based, exploring different movement practices. It will include an exploration on how the principles can be implemented within your own teaching practice (i.e., yoga, dance).