Asana Clinic: Backbends


Asana Clinic with Fanny
Where: Tribes studio 1 | Doezastraat 2a
Dates: Sunday 16th October 2022
Price: €35,00

Backbending can look pretty tough as it is the opposite action of our common daily activities (biking, texting, sitting at our computers). Because of this, backbend poses can feel ‘therapeutic’ because they reverse these habitual postures. However, backbends are often done incorrectly, putting too much stress on the spine, particularly the lower back and neck. So, how do we do a backbend safely, with lightness and ease, while fully enjoying its full benefits?

The asana clinic aims to answer this question. What can you expect?
* You’ll experience backbending poses in a workshop-style practice with time for questions.
* You’ll understand and ‘feel’ the stages of backbends: the specific engagement of the legs and lower belly, the opening of the hips flexors and chest, and the mobilization of the shoulders.
* You’ll learn to protect vulnerable body parts (especially the lower back) by stabilizing the lower body, using bandhas, and finding proper alignments.

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