Asana Clinic: Hanuman’s leap – Explore Front Splits


Asana Clinic with Fanny
Where: Tribes studio 1 | Doezastraat 2a
Dates: Sunday 22nd of January 2023 from 13:30-16:30
Price: €35,00

Often seen as a pose accessible to only a few of us, the full front split, also known as Hanumanasana, is a challenge. The Monkey Pose might seem as far away as Sri Lanka was to the deity Hanuman, standing at India’s southern tip before his heroic jump. Just like Hanuman’s journey, ours will start from where we are, building up step-by-step foundations on which we can ground, and with patience, dedication, and zest of courage and faith, we’ll experience the lift of the front splits and variations.

What can you expect?
– You’ll experience front splits and other variations in a workshop-style practice with time for exploration and questions.
– You’ll understand the pose’s key actions: from the ‘scissoring’ engagement of the legs, through the deep stretch of the hamstrings and iliopsoases to the lift of the arms.
– You’ll learn to prepare your body safely for splits, thoroughly warming up the vulnerable body parts, paying extra attention to the alignment of the hips and the engagement of the bandhas.
– You’ll experience various modifications, variations, and related poses to the front splits so you can further enjoy the benefice of this pose.

With this asana clinic, I aim to leave you feeling encouraged, inspired, and ready to tackle the splits in your self-practice and during class.

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