Yoga course: Alignment in Motion


4 week course starting 8th of May 2024
When: Wednesdays from 20:00-22:00
Where: Breestraat 24
Price: €85,-
Teacher: Fanny Alavoine

Join our Alignment in Motion Course! Elevate your yoga practice with a 4-week immersion into the art of alignment. Explore the true meaning of alignment in poses and fluid movement to enhance and level up your practice.

In this course, we will explore:

– Understanding the foundational principles of alignment in movement
– Unveiling the functional anatomy beyond the shapes of the asanas
– Recognizing your individual tendencies in common poses like high lunge, warrior 1, chaturanga, downward dog, and more.

What you’ll get:
Deep insight into the significance of alignment
Increased awareness of your body’s adjustment needs

Why does alignment matter? Safety, Efficiency & Ease:
Proper alignment helps establish a solid foundation (a stable ground), on which we can build up strength, flexibility and mobility in a safe and sustainable way, minimising the risk of injury. Alignment involves re-educating our movement habits towards healthier patterns, ensuring long-term sustainability. By reducing physical stress, we enable the execution of poses and movements to be efficient and effortless. Furthermore, by preventing joint compression and excessive stretching of ligaments, we find confidence and ease in our practice.

A glimpse into two General Principles of Alignment:
1️⃣ Alignments are not about shapes Alignment is not solely about poses, but about achieving balance and equilibrium within any pose and movement. As we align, we discover balance, stability, and ease in the body, focusing on releasing unnecessary tension and engaging only what is necessary to support ourselves, rather than striving for picture-perfect shapes.

2️⃣ Alignments depend on our intention
In each pose and movement, there isn’t a single prescribed way to align the body. Our intention of practice plays a significant role in determining how we align. Rather than adhering to rigid rules or dogmatic beliefs about how a pose should look, we embrace the use of functional anatomy and the understanding of postural patterns. This allows us to discover how different alignments can support and enhance our intentions, empowering us to personalise our practice and find what works best for our unique needs.

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