7 Days of Meditation: Inner Strength


A week of daily morning meditation to grow confidence, stamina and steadiness.

At times when change is being ignited, we can tap into the force of growth.
To be able to transform we need commitment and fierce dedication.
Through meditation, we can come into this embodied state of inner and outer strength. The activation of solar energy will bring you more self-confidence.
Every day you’ll be given tools to cultivate potency and courage.
Tap into the qualities of fire to burn away: self doubt, indecisiveness, fear, insecurity.
We will deliver you 7 clips to meditate 7 days in a row. You can pick our own time in the day to meditate. The clips are approx 20 minutes long. During your journey you can always contact us via register@yourtribes.nl, we will be ready to answer all questions you have.

Donation based
We offer the 7 days of Meditation on a donation basis, just like all of our practices. This is our donation link
Feel free also to do so after the 7 days. Or not at all if your situation does not allow it.

Email register@yourtribes.nl to start your 7 days of meditation today!