3-Part Yoga Introduction Course

Three Sundays in March to dive into the fundamentals of yoga.
8, 15 & 22 March from 13:00-14:30 by Robinson
Costs: 40 euro
Place: Tribes Studio

REGISTER HERE (pay with creditcard)

or send email to register@yourtribes.nl

In a chill atmosphere with plenty room for questions and dialogue. Together we will create a firm basis for your personal yoga-journey.

You’ll gain basic understanding of yogic principles in movement, meditation and contemplation.
After attending these workshops you can start applying the knowledge in your daily life. This is a great foundation for a more conscious and balanced lifestyle.

8th of March: Philosophy

Learn all about the yogic answers to the big questions of life. How to interpret the world around you, how to cultivate a good relationship with yourself.

15th of March: Posture

During this technical workshop we will analyze common postures. Figuring out how to make the postures accessible for you,

so your postural practice will be safe and re-balancing.

22nd of March: Pranayama (breath practice)

This session is a good start to explore the more spiritual aspect of yoga. Connecting to your breath and deepening that connection to access the heart, the location of the soul.

You’ll learn easy breathing techniques and tools to stay connected.

This is for you if…

– You would like to start with yoga but you don’t know where to start

– You are walking the path of yoga and wonder if you’re on the right track

– You are a yogi or yogini who likes to go back to the basics