September Juice Cleanse


3 day cleanse starting September 29th
1 day cleanse available on September 29th, September 30th & October 1st


Included daily:

+ cold-pressed

+ raw & unprocessed

+ fruit & veg juice

+ 6 x 500 ml per day

+ ginger shot

+ yoga practice

+ personal coaching

+ cleanse guide

How does it work?

The most popular length of a detox is 3 days. To try it out, we are also offering a 1 day cleanse. During a juice cleanse you will drink 3 liters of juice in a variety of flavours. In your juice box you will find fruit juices, vegetable juices and small ginger shots. The juices are numbered to help you find the correct juice flow throughout your day.

Tribes and Ashton offer complimentary yoga during your detox. The videos are between 30-45 minutes and will be made available to you at the start. The beautiful practices will help your body process the detox and your mind to focus.

Cold pressed, raw & unprocessed

Only the best for you. This juice cleanse will only use cold pressed juices, with all the goodness, natural nutrients and enzymes. The products we use are unprocessed, the packaging sustainable.

Personal coaching

Every body responds differently to a cleanse, that is why Ashton will be available for personal coaching throughout your cleanse. The complementary yoga has been developed by Tribes and Ashton to support your journey and make it a little bit more special.


1 day cleanse – 42 euro
3 day cleanse – 105 euro

Prices include a pick-up at Tribes the evening before the cleanse. Home delivery is available for 4,95 euro extra!


    Select the amount of days

    Select the starting date for the 1 day cleanse

    Home delivery (you will receive separate payment link)