Mini Retreat


Sunday December 20th from 11:00-16:00
Postponed to January 31st 2021 from 11:00-16:00
Price: 85,00
Location: Leiden





Theme: Return to roots

The seasonal transition from Autumn into Winter is a natural expression of change. When we experience change we have the opportunity to find our roots and ground ourselves to respond better towards changes happening outside of ourselves. The trees, these living creatures totally connected to earth, noticed the change and show the arrival of Winter. Changes can make you feel different and challenge how you move in the world, but remembering and experiencing your roots, the resources that makes you feel grounded in moments of transitions will give you the opportunity to thrive and contemplate changes with curiosity and understanding. To develop lasting happiness and wisdom, it is essential to recognize and accept the impermanence of things. It helps us to learn to live in harmony with the cycles of nature and enjoy their beauty and different phases. How can we let go confidently? How can we ground ourselves and flow while letting go of the expressions that does not give us energy and joy? Come and find out!

What to expect?

✿ Tea, coffee and snacks throughout the day
✿ Creating a sense of grounding through yoga and mindfulness
✿ Being guided through movement to discover and reconnect with our roots
✿ Healthy and Tasty Lunch
✿ Reflection though journaling
✿ Relaxation through Yin Yoga & meditation
✿ Small gift as a reminder of the retreat

Our BLOOM team:

Willemieke Verweij (Yoga/dance Teacher and Owner of Tribes)
Sahirine Martinez (Movement Therapist & Dance/Pilates Teacher)
Laura Verhoog (Psychologist & Mindfulness trainer)