Dance Film Intensive Week


Monday August 1st – Friday August 5th
6th & 7th of August filming days (forest and beach)

For Advanced & Semi-Prof Dancers

We are looking for dancers that dare to listen to their hearts and expression.

Dancers that want to expand themselves by breaking the ‘I must do’ into ‘I want to’.

Beat your own drum (working title)
When we go thru life we can sometimes find ourselves stuck in the ratrace of society, or to get lost in the expectations of our surroundings.
But when we are honest to ourselves, listen to the beat of our hearts, our flow, our expression, we can find a pulse that is unique to everyone.
An individual rhythm that dances along with the song of the universe that holds us together.
If we dare to connect to that feeling, it will bring us home to who we are. 
It will light up our inner flame, that carves out a path that connects with our truest expression. We flow with the waves that makes us unique and with the waves that brings us closer together. 
In 5 days we work on choreography (group, solo’s, duet’s etc) with the core focus on primal expressive dance moves. With the theme we work on finding that core expression with influences of jazz/urban and theatre dance.
Because it is a movie, we create scenes, giving the dance film a cinematic story.


Jamie de Groot

Daily schedule (Saturday 3 Sept, Sunday 4 Sept, Monday 5 Sept, Tuesday 6 Sept, Thursday 8 Sept)

19:00-20:30 Choreography (Jazz/Urban)
20:30-22:00 Scene creation (Theatre Dance)

Friday 9 Sept and Sunday 11 Sept

Best to keep the whole day free to roam around and take the best shots.


Tribes Haagweg 4F5
Monday 5 Sept at Merenwijk, Broekplein 6

275 euro

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