Bloom Retreats



From the 26 to the 29th January 2024

Castle Hackfort – Vorden NL



In winter, as nature slows down and snow covers the ground, we are called to turn inward and safeguard our energy. Like hibernating bears, we seek solace in the gentle embrace of stillness, finding warmth and comfort in our quiet cocoon. It is a season of introspection, where we tap into the deep, nurturing fire within, fostering its gentle radiance to keep ourselves warm.

The Soften & Restore retreat beckons you to invite the essence of winter into your being. Soften your stance and surrender to the tranquility that surrounds you. Through nourishing massages and mindful practices such as deep restorative flows, Yoga Nidra, and conscious breathing, we embark on the transformative journey of winter rejuvenation. These practices allow us to fully embrace the quiet and darkness that the cold season brings. This quiet & darkness reflect the empty spaces within ourselves, not lacking, but rather full of the potential to be filled with anything we desire. Let us embrace the potential of emptiness and fill our inner realms with warm intentions just as we nourish our bodies with wholesome and comforting food, lovingly provided throughout the retreat. Together, we will emerge from this retreat with a renewed sense of vitality, a gentle radiance that will guide us through the winter season and beyond.

Winter Attunement

Ayurveda recognizes winter as a kapha season with strong vata undertones. Kapha is the combination of water and earth elements. It is characterized by cold weather, a sense of heaviness, increased moisture (usually in the form of rain or snow), cloud-covered days, and the grounded, slow feeling that sends many animals into hibernation. The cold season helps you retrieve all the spent energy over the year and revive you for the next one. Allow yourself to move more toward a contemplative state and remember, just because we slow down it does not imply that nothing is happening. The food during this winter retreat will be deeply nourishing and warm. Winter is actually the season when the digestive fire is strongest. The body requires more fuel to stay warm and healthy in the winter months, and the cold weather forces the fire principle deep into the core of the body to ignite. The foods will be natural Ayurvedic immunity boosters, fresh, organic, easily digestible, and wholesome.

The aim for the whole week is to use the castle and the woods around it as to recharge. All lessons and workshops are optional, nothing is mandatory.


€ 550 student price
€ 600 regular price
€ 750 solo room
You will pay 50% upfront when booking your spot. 

In short the amount includes the following:
– 3 nights in the castle
– 3 energising yoga sessions
– 3 restorative yoga sessions
– workshops fitting our theme
– relax or recovery massage
– healthy meals and snacks


The castle is divided into beautiful big suites. Each suite has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living area and a kitchen and will be shared by 4 people max. Each bedroom has two single beds.
For this retreat we have a maximum of 2 solo rooms available.

Willemieke Verweij
Fanny Alavoine
Nick Jacobs

What a day at the retreat looks like

8:00 Small breakfast / healthy juice
8:30 Morning Vinyasa Practice with Meditation
10:30 Brunch
12:00 – 16:00 Free time
16:00 Workshop time
18:00 Evening Practice
19:30 Dinner

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