starting May 3rd!



Tribes continues her dance programme online, through a new, open to all, stress-free, fun approach. From the 3rd of May we will start live classes via WEBEX (Like zoom, but a little safer) for you to join and enjoy with your favourite dance teachers. Each class you will learn a fun new combination or a new technique.

For 15 euro a week (10 euro for students) you will get unlimited access to all WEBEX’s. It is also possible to get access to a single WEBEX for 5 euro.

The best way to support us and your teachers is to join in the fun online. Plus to move and keep dancing will also make YOU feel better!


From next week also Ballet via Webex with Willemieke. 
17:00-18:00 WX Jazz Urban Fusion with Jamie

18:00-19:00 WX Hiphop Femme/ Heels with Justine
20:00-21:00 WX Jazz Burlesque with Willemieke

18:30-19:30 WX Modern Dance with Dieuwertje 
21:00-22:00 WX Building Dance Strength with Rosa

15:45-17:00 WX Ballet Intermediate with Willemieke
17:00-18:30 WX Ballet Advanced with Willemieke
20:00-21:00 WX Modern Advanced with Rosa
21:00-22:00 WX Technical Jazz with Rosa

17:30-18:30 WX Show Jazz with Jamie
19:30-20:30 WX  Dancehall Fusion with Willemieke

19:00-20:00 WX 90’s Pop with Helen

11:15-12:15 WX Ballet Turn Out Special with Willemieke
17:00-18:00 WX House from your house! With Jamie

Get access in 2 steps:

1. Fill in the form
2. Pay for the week/single class
You will then receive the secret link via email. If you don’t hear anything back from us within about 4 hours, please email to