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Sound Bath: Music & Word

By turning our attention inwards we are taken on a wonderful journey of healing and peace, where profound transformation is possible. A soft, effortless and deeply relaxing practice where you will be gently guided through word and healing sound while lying down comfortably supported by…

Yin Yoga Immersion

Yin yoga immersion Life has its ups and downs in which we need the capacity to hold space for ourselves to stay tuned in to our heart. In this course we will dive in an inner inventory towards wholeness. We will get to know all…

Online workshops

Splits Challenge

Get further into your front and straddle splits in 18 days! Delivery We will deliver you 18 clips to practice 18 days in a row. You can pick our own time in the day to practice. The clips are 30-40 minutes long for the most…

21 Days of Yoga

The journey starts May 1st! Delivery We will deliver the 21 days of Yoga through daily clips of 30-45 minute practices. These clips will be sent out one day ahead of schedule, so that you can pick our own time in the day to practice….