Drop-in prices

Tribes offers different pricing options. Choose the card that suits your schedule and daily routine best. If you want to come once a week and have a busy schedule, a class card will be the best option for you. If you intend to come 1 or 2 times a week, a monthly unlimited will suit you better than a lesson card!

All cards can also be brought in our studio before class.

Class cards
The Dutch ‘strippenkaart’

single lesson – 12,50 euro
5-lesson card – 50,00 euro*
10-lesson card – 95,00 euro*
*students get 10% discount

Unlimited card (no membership)
start the day you purchase the card and end without any strings attached!

1 month unlimited – 65,00
1 month unlimited student – 45,00
3 months unlimited – 180,00
3 months unlimited student – 120,00

Unlimited card (with membership – 1 yr)
Unlimited drop-in classes, with a lot extra dance classes during summer months July & August.

Monthly fee – 50,00
Students – 40,00

Buy a class card!
Buy an unlimited card!