Dance! (1150 × 400 px)


‘Nobody cares if you dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion.’

Inspired by our last Korzo Production in June, we were left with the desire to bring more people to the stage. As Tribes we believe firmly that dance is for everybody and that everybody can dance, that even when you don’t know how to dance, you can still dance beautifully and from the heart. That is why we set ourselves the challenge to choreograph from that, inspired to dive into the world of authentic expression. Setting ourselves the challenge of letting go of the idea that the stage is only for those who embody the right techniques, instead we allow ourselves to be inspired by one of the greatest teachers of all time

‘I feel that the essence of dance is the expression of men – the landscape of his soul’ – Martha Graham.

We have all experienced those moments when we were moved soul to soul, feeling the authentic presence of somebody in their movement in their dance. How endlessly mesmerizing and beautiful that is.

We wanted to explore this concept with dancers and choreographers from various backgrounds and together create the performance DANCE! We want to bring people together not focussing on level or experience, but on willingness to join, explore and create.

Willemieke Verweij
Rosa Allessie
Thu Hang Pham
Justine Campagnard
Jamie de Groot
Valerie van Leeuwen


Read about why they joined the project

I have danced for multiple years now in multiple styles. There have been competitions and performances where I have just performed a choreography. However, this project has given me the opportunity to explore more than just predefined steps to follow. DANCE! Was my opportunity to challenge myself and explore what more I can do to perform.

In this show I am dancing in the piece UNDONE by Willemieke. For me this represents multiple things. There is so much happening all around us and we strive to be a certain kind of person. As a result, we build all kinds of barriers for ourselves, against certain emotions, relationships and most importantly life choices. We see all kinds of imperfections in ourselves and the world, but won’t dare to open up and express ourselves in the world, we are still undone.

I hope to be able to express all these different emotions and more within this piece. This is more than just an choreography, but a projection of movements that we have been working on together. People should be able to feel and see our emotions within the movement and be able to follow our story.

What makes this project special to you?
– As someone who started dancing at a later age than most, this has been the first time for me that I actually auditioned for a dance performance. This in itself was already quite the new experience. So I cannot wait what else DANCE! will bring.
What do you like most about the project?

– I really love the idea of intensively working together with a small group of creative people to create something new, personal and special.

How is it different from things that you usually do?
– Usually my dance persormances are quite short. For this project there is more time for the performance. Which gives space for new opportunities, like room to build up the tension, setting the mood of a performance, and time to connect with my fellow dancers.
What do you hope that the end result will look like?
– I hope we will be able to combine all the different personalities, strengts and styles in our dance to be able to marvel the audience and ourselfs.
What makes this project special to you?
The fact that the choreographers are asked to create something mainly from the heart and expression rather than technique intrigued me. To be able to do that within the same consciousness with all the other dancers is really special to me. To connect and feel; with ourselves, each other and the music.
What do you like most about the project?
How intimate it feels to be part of the creation process. To see the gears turning in the choreographer’s mind to make the dancers visually form an ensemble with the music. Seeing it come together bit by bit is very exciting.
How is it different from things that you usually do?
By purely focussing on the element of expression (of the inner world, of the music, of ‘being’ etc.), dancing feels more layered than it did before.
What do you hope that the end result will look like?
I hope that we can communicate our senses to the audience by giving it our all.
What makes this project special to you?
I only quite recently joined Tribes. Since I left my first dance school nearly 10 years ago, I have been endlessly switching between studios. I was not finding what (I didn’t know) I was looking for: a space of open-minded people wanting to dance together without any need for competition or excellence. Therefore, after finding that at Tribes, being able to dive deep into the essence of dance with those lovely people has me very excited.
What do you like most about the project?
In my experience this project is quite unique for creating such an experimental performance with non-professional dancers. It is an amazing chance for a lot of people who dance just for the love of it. We get to experience this kind of creation without having to go through years of professional training as an entry condition.
How is it different from things that you usually do?
For Embrace, we as dancers take the lead in the creation of the piece. Instead of a choreographer setting all the paces, he takes a step back and lets the dancers follow how their bodies want to move together in the space. We aim to perform without performing.
What do you hope that the end result will look like?
I am hoping to show the audience the fundamental role dancing has in my life. How it has become a part of who I am, and can never be separated from my identity anymore. If the only thing that happens during the performance is that you get to know the dancers a little bit better, then we succeeded. If your understanding of the relationship between people and dance is expanded, then we outperformed ourselves.
What makes this project special to you?
For me it’s special because I haven’t danced these styles for a while, so in the beginning I felt a little out of my comfort zone. That changed so fast, because the teachers allow you to explore and be true to yourself. Your feeling and passion for dance matter more than the way you look
What do you like most about the project?
I think the concept that everyone is a dancer is really beautiful and true. Moving your body to the music that you like is a powerful and exciting feeling
How is it different from things that you usually do?
I am relaxed when I dance, and I am thankful to be able to move my body the way I want. Life expectations pressures you so much that relaxing is almost a luxury
What do you hope that the end result will look like?
I hope it looks like we did our very best, with only 5 or 6 days to prepare! I hope the audience will see a show where people unite as one, all with love for the same thing, DANCE!
This project to make dances about themes that all human beings can relate to is interesting to me.It connects people with mind ,heart and body.
To explore movements and their possibilities to express feelings and emotional and mental dynamics is hopefully fruitfull.
I am so curious what is going to happen in the dance I take part in.  I really hope that as a group we can embody somehow something of ‘loss’,wich is the theme of our choreography.
What makes this project special to you?
🙏 For me this project is special, because I stopped dancing for a couple of years, and I am so grateful that dance is part of my life again. I am not the youngest of the group, this makes me concious of how precious this opportunity is.
What do you like most about the project?
⚡️The project embodies the signature movements of individual dancers and creates a connection across the team. I think the final performance therefore will be very powerful.
How is it different from things that you usually do?
✍️ Usually there is a predefined choreography, in this piece we codeveloped several parts. Also preparation is more intense than regular classes. I try to feel more instead of watching in the mirror what I do.

What do you hope that the end result will look like?

🍀 I hope the audience feels the energy in the group and the team is proud of delivering something exceptional together. 

✨ Note: The concept of dust for me is about togetherness and movement. Did you know we are all truly made of stardust? Most of the chemical

elements that make up the human body were formed in stars over the course of billions of years and yet we are here together – how special is that? 

  • What makes this project special to you?
    This is my first time joining a performance-based project like Dance! I love that it allows us dancers to fully embrace the different concepts we are working with and try to figure out a way to translate them into movement. This allows us to explore our creativity, find new ways to dance together and bring our own ideas and personality to the stage. This makes Dance! such a special experience!
  • What do you like most about the project?
    The project motivates all dancers, regardless of technical level or skill, to find new ways to express themselves through dance. This creates a unique atmosphere that allows us to connect with each other through both movement and the underlying emotions, which I think is really beautiful.
  • How is it different from things that you usually do?
    Dance! challenges me to let go of inhibitions in movement and build trust in the other dancers. This forces you to focus on what moves you instead of how exactly to move, which I think is something we do not get to experience often and makes the project so much fun.
  • What do you hope that the end result will look like?
    I love the theme of Undone, as it contains such a big contrast: between birth and passing, anxiety and comfort or moving and stillness. Combined with beautiful music and the connection that exists between the dancers, I hope we can bring these concepts to life en bring across these powerful emotions to the audience.
in het dagelijks leven ben ik wetenschapper. Dans helpt me om uit mijn hoofd te komen, in mijn lijf. Ik wilde mee doen om samen met een groep te ervaren wat het thema ‘verlies’ voor ons betekent, en hoe we dat kunnen overbrengen in beweging.
What makes this project special to you? It’s entirely about projecting outside what you feel inside, more so than any other project.

What do you like most about the project? I like that the dancers get to be themselves completely. We have the space and freedom to show who we are though movements.
How is it different from things that you usually do? I am more accustomed to dancing a choreography created by someone. In this project, we are all both dancers and choreographers which I love 💙

What do you hope that the end result will look like? I hope that the audience will get to see the amazing connections and chemistry that have already developed between all the dancers. 10 dancers, one soul, one passion, all linked together through movement.

This project is special to me because i can reconnect with my feelings and my long but not lost passion,dance.

To feel,to express,to move your bodyparts in ways that tells a story.

I love expressing through movements together with other dancers,is just a beautiful thing!
A big wave of strong and powerful bodies creating moves from the inside out.

My name is Florien Smit Sibinga and I joined the project Dance! I’m dancing in two pieces: Mysteries (uncovered) and Undone by the amazing choreographers Justine and Willemieke.


As someone who enjoys a mystery and never gets tired of dancing, these pieces really caught my eye. Although dance may not seem a mystery because ‘dance is for everybody and everybody can dance’ it can certainly hold a mysterious passion unique for everyone. Similarly, the challenges of endings and beginnings can be uncovered within dance.


To me dancing is one of our oldest languages. Not only is it a movement, a game, a memory or an intuitive motion from our bodies it is also a joy. To dance is like flying or speaking a universal language. Therefore it is a joy to perform and to perform with others. That everyone could participate in this project, experienced or inexperienced, encouraged me to join. I also became enthusiastic when I saw there were long and intense dance sessions, this for me was exciting but new. I am sure, however, the whole process will be rewarding. I hope to make you want to dance and to think about everyday movements that connect us all. 

The project and performance Dance! is special to me, because it really allows you to dance from within. Exploring my authentic emotions and intentions while dancing. For me, it’s about the essence, the reason why I started dancing when I was very little and the reason why I still love it every single minute of every day. Dancing together especially makes this project a beautiful experience in which we can feel that strong connection. Opening ourselves up to each other and letting go of too many thoughts and boundaries. There we find truth and honesty, leading to pure movements. Hopefully, we can transfer our passion and love for dance to the audience and take them with us in this magical journey.

What makes this project special to you?

I am excited to be working on this project. I really like the concept of making an inclusive project to work as a group to create something beautiful, both connecting with the group and the audience through dance to tell an authentic story on stage.


What do you like most about the project?

I like that we have an opportunity to be involved and have input in both the creative and choreographic process. It is really special to build something as a group that has a little bit of everyone in the choreography, where we move together as one, but with individual aspects and touches alongside. That seems really special to me.

How is it different from things that you usually do?

I am excited to push myself creatively. I tend to lean towards classical ballet or technical stage jazz styles, so it is exciting to work on a project that is focused on expressive movement and authenticity in dancing as who I am. I think that it leaves dancers very vulnerable in a good way and it is a good opportunity to work on conveying a story to the audience, with both group work and individuality coming together.


What do you hope that the end result will look like?

I think that the end result will convey an authentic portrait of the concept to the audience, immersing them in a bigger picture and encouraging people to think further.

What makes this project special to you?
   Dance, for me, is a unique form of expression in which no thought, no words, no self expectations are needed.
   I love to dance freely and let my body lead the way, flowing in the space around and inside of me.
   I get amazed by the new pathways it finds, discovering new movements and feelings along the way.
   I believe that this project aims to show both internal and external movements; the focus is not in perfecting techniques but to show authentic dance expressions.
What do you like most about the project?
  I love the focus on connection within the group through different exercises.
  For example, we are creating some parts of the choreography through improvising together and experimentally figuring out what works.
How is it different from things that you usually do?
  I am both excited and a bit nervous as it is my first performance of this kind. I felt comfortable during our first practice and felt a good connection with the group. So it should be alright.
What do you hope that the end result will look like?
  Being able to transfer our passion for dance to the audience such that they move along internally and perhaps externally through micro-movements.
This project DANCE! is special to me, because we have to express the process of cancer. I have been through this process with my mom. I’m happy to say that she is still in my life. Never would I have thought to dance this process. At first I was kind of scared which emotions I would feel, but I notice a lot of recognition in the process and similar emotions I felt throughout the process.
It particular speaks to me, because it is new to me, out of my comfort zone and combining emotions with hiphop and other dancestyles.
Normally I dance choreo’s like dancehall, heels and latin. Now we have to dance all kind of emotions which is a real challenge, because I never express emotions through dance before.
I hope that people will see how difficult it is for the person who has cancer. It is a disease you don’t feel at first. You think everything is fine, but inside of your body the cancer is already trying to take over. And I also hope people will see the importance of the support somebody needs. Because even though you don’t see that the person is sick, it’s a very difficult process which nobody should go through alone.

This programme Dance! of Tribes is something different than what I usually do. It is something out of my comfort zone, to dance with emotions (grief, anger) I would rather suppress than show to others. The theme makes it special to me, because it is a personal theme in my daily life. I have had family members that were confronted with (mental) illness and still endure difficult times. What I like the most about the project with Valerie is that we learn both to express an emotion via movement and make neat moves. At the end, I hope our dance will show others how it is to live with someone who slowly gets ill and how this affects the movement of an ill person. Additionally, I hope we can show that it is okay to grief and to be angry sometimes, because these emotions have functions in our lives too. Enjoy the show and feel the feels!

Hi I’m Fien, 32 years old and have been finding my way back to movement and dance as an expression. I have extensive experience in dance as a child until the age of 18 in ballet, modern and streetdance. I’m very excited and inspired to rekindle my creativity and expression through dance. That’s why I love this concept of performing regardless of technique or level and really enjoyed creating something meaningful together!

By letting the perfectionism go, tapping into creativity without judgement, sharing experiences and emotions and translate that into movement together is something to be cherished.

It is a lot of fun to work with an enthusiastic group of dancers on an extended choreography. During this short (but intense!) rehearsal period, you get to know the other dancers very well: daring to show emotions, daring to be vulnerable, trusting in your fellow dancers to catch you (sometimes literally!). It is special to me that Rosa allows us to think along with the choreo. It is really something that we create together.

I hope that the audience gets to observe that personal touch that is added to our choreo in LOST. That they will not only see the performance, but also the dancers behind it. Everyone has experienced feelings of loss one way or another in their lifetime, whether big or small. I hope that we can take the audience along in the emotions felt with the choreo and to recognize (parts of) their own life experiences in it.

But above all, I hope that together with the audience we can enjoy our greatest passion: Dance!

What makes this project special to you?

Going in-depth to create a choreography to express your inner feelings and translate it into a dance.

What do you like most about the project?
That we spend time building personal connections with fellow dancers and together create a piece that reflects these.

How is it different from things that you usually do?

My day-to-day work life requires a lot of rational and analytical reasoning. Therefore, this project is so complementary in that we are exploring translating feelings into dance motion without overthinking it.

What do you hope that the end result will look like?

Hopefully, the dance will reflect our journey into connecting feelings and personal connections among dancers into a vulnerable piece that the audience can relate to.


Hi! I’m Kaitlyn. I’ve been dancing for as long as I can remember, but until a few years ago, I only ever did urban styles such as hip-hop. While I’ve been trying out new styles these past few years, there are definitely many things I’ve never done before and DANCE! seemed like the perfect opportunity to try something different.

When it comes to the style of dancing, UNDONE is definitely the furthest away I could possibly get from what I normally do, but also something I’ve wanted to try for a very long time. Being able to explore this way of moving through the concept of this piece has been an amazing experience so far.

EMBRACE, on the other hand, feels exactly like I’m dancing in my living room (which I do a lot), but is very different from anything I’ve ever done on stage. It constantly reminds me of the reasons I love dancing in the first place and I look forward to sharing those with the audience.

The biggest difference to me, though, is how much we as dancers get to contribute to these pieces. I have practically no experience with creating a choreography myself, but I really enjoy working together on this with my fellow dancers. They’re a really kind and encouraging bunch and I am glad I am getting the chance to create something beautiful with them.

Hi, I’m Marlise! I’ve started dancing a couple of years ago and have loved it ever since. DANCE! is unlike anything I’ve ever done before. It allows me to not just learn a choreography, but to explore and express feelings from within.

I’m dancing in the piece Undone by Willemieke. For me, this piece is all about who we are at our core, in relation to or in the absence of the people we love. Each person we meet, will get to know a slightly different version of us. And by surrounding ourselves with other people, we become a different person as well. So what does that mean if we lose someone? Do we lose who we are as well, and if so, can we ever become truly ourselves again?

There’s so many angles from which we can explore this concept and I cannot wait to get on stage and show that with our amazing group of dancers!

What makes this project special to you?

It is my first time doing auditions and creating choreography together, so that feels really special. The project Dance! also resonated with me because I am not a technical dancer. I feel most comfortable when I’m improvising, and the project gives me the opportunity to create from that place.

What do you like most about the project?

What I like most about the project is that I get to explore my artistic expression in a safe and fun environment. Moreover, I’m looking forward to performing in the theater and seeing all the pieces.

How is it different from things that you usually do?

I am involved in the Dutch Ballroom Scene, so I am usually taking Runway and Old Way voguing classes. The solos and battles in the Runway and Old Way categories are usually short bursts of energy. Additionally, I do dance courses at Tribes which have a performance in a theater at the end of the semester. These choreographies also tend to be short (i.e. 2,5 or 3 minutes). With the Dance! project, I feel like we have the time to work on longer, deeper pieces.

What also stands out to me in this project is the connection with my fellow dancers. We are working closely together which is very different from the solo-oriented dancing that I usually do.

What do you hope that the end result will look like?

I hope that the end result will look organic, so it mustn’t look too choreographed. I hope to express myself fully and wildly, while I’m still working within the structure of the piece I am dancing in.

What makes UNDONE special to me is its focus on exploring the themes of the circle of life, the process of becoming alive, and what happens after death. These are profound and universal concepts that have fascinated humans for centuries. By delving into these themes, UNDONE seeks to shed light on the interconnectedness of life and death, and challenge our current understanding of these processes. I like the project’s mysterious nature that adds an element of intrigue, which I hope can spark the audience’s curiosity.

One aspect that I particularly like about the project is its emphasis on collaboration, nurturing creativity, and allowing individuality in interpretation. Nurturing creativity allows for innovative approaches and fresh insights, while allowing individual interpretation to foster a sense of personal connection and engagement with the project.

I hope that the final outcome would be a thought-provoking and visually captivating exploration of the themes of life and death. It could potentially leave the audience with a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of these concepts, and evoke a sense of wonder, reflection, or contemplation.

What makes this project special to you?

The project DANCE! creates a safe space to explore my body, and more importantly, my inner world. A world I have denied for a long time. The amazing choreographers Willemieke (DUST) en Rosa (LOST) as well as the lovely other dancers encourage me to step out of my comfort zone and to connect with my and others’ inner world through dance.

What do you like most about the project?

I love that this project is all about conveying passion for dance by celebrating everybody’s unique body language. It is not about how well you dance. It is about dancing from within and sharing this with others. Although scary at first, opening up to others through dance is one of the most powerful and pure forms of connection. The moment you feel others’ energy resonating with your inner energy and together effortlessly fueling your movements, is just simply magical.

How is it different from things that you usually do?

In my regular dance classes, I tend to get too focused on my technique that I forget to dance. The essence of this project is, however, to explore movement beyond the conventional technique and dance steps. Most phrases are not set but arise from exploring the connection between your and others’ world. The project is a reminder of why I started dancing when I was a little girl: because I love to explore and express myself through movements that melt with the music.

What do you hope that the end result will look like?

I hope this project results in a showcase of diverse dance styles, movement qualities, emotions, and energies that are all unique, yet are all grounded in the same foundation: an unquenchable passion for dance.

What makes this project special to you?
In Dance! I will be participating in Valerie’s piece which is about loss and grief. Last October I lost my mother to cancer. For me this piece is an ode to my mom and a way to express my feelings and deal with the pain. Dance as a form of therapy.
What do you like most about the project?
We are dancing with a small group of women, with whom you might usually not dance. However, we share the fact that we all have experienced loss. In a very short period of time we got to know each other better and created this piece on a difficult theme.
How is it different from things that you usually do?
Although I have danced in a number of different styles, my go to dance style is Jazz Burlesque. I love this style because it’s happy, bubbly and yes, a bit hysterical. We get to go all out with glitter, tutu’s, colours, big hair and facial expressions. In this piece for Dance! I will have to show a different side of myself.
What do you hope that the end result will look like?
I hope that in spite of differences in levels and dance styles we will be able to convey the feelings connected to grief to the audience. And of course, I hope it would have made my mother proud.