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Tribes dance and yoga
KVK 59336552
TAX 853428645B01

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NL14 INGB 0006 250933 – Tribes dance and yoga

Business address
Doezastraat 2 A bijgebouw
2311HB Leiden

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Studio locations

Doezastraat 2a (bijgebouw)


Doezastraat 2A (bijgebouw)
2311 HB Leiden
The Netherlands

Tribes Dance Yoga Doezastraat studio yoga matjes


The building is located next to Doezastraat 2A, underneath the trees of the Van der Werf park. You will have to go through a gate to reach our front door.

Haagweg 4


Haagweg 4 – room 4F5
2311AA Leiden
The Netherlands

Tribes studio Haagweg


Go to the side of the building – see picture and press the bell of 4F5. Enter the building and head up the stairs. Walk down the hallway you see in front of you as you come to the top of the stairs and you will find us on the left hand side.

Broekplein 6


Broekplein 6
2318 TJ Leiden
The Netherlands



We share the entrance with small steps. Cross the playground to go through the blue door. Our studio is directly behind the blue door, through the white door.