A training in Self-care and -development

Every person possesses the capacity for development, if we give ourselves the time and space to bloom. This Tribes training takes you in an inspiring and insightful journey through a Mindbody-oriented approach in which you will have the opportunity through practical exercises to re-discover a life with more awareness and gentleness, towards ourselves and towards others. The training is based on different pillars, such as Mindfulness, Yoga, Western psychology and Dance/Movement Therapy. The combination of experience and theory gives you the opportunity for a meaningful integration. When we see how fast the modern world around us is changing and how we are trying to hold ourselves together, it is no surprise that sometimes we get a little lost. It can help us to pay more attention to the reality of our lives and explore it in a playful, curious way. Practicing together can lead to a more fulfilling, empowering, healthier and happier life in greater social harmony.

We will bloom through 4 different themes’ during the course:

✿ Making contact.
✿ Exploring boundaries.
✿ Self compassion.
✿ Integration and Empowerment.

Within these themes we will focus on our own daily life with a range of mind/body exercises and theory:

✿ Consciousness (meditation, breathing techniques, imagination)
✿ Mindful Movement (yoga, body scan, stretch & release, authentic movement)
✿ Reflection (mindfulness, compassion, acceptance commitment therapy)
✿ Relaxation (kindness, gentleness and equanimity)

Anyone who wants to learn and Bloom in mental, emotional and physical health, resilience and well-being is welcome at this scientifically based training.


8 consecutive sessions on Sundays from 11.00 – 13.00
✿ Including: tea, coffee and snacks, exercises to practice at home, follow-up post training
✿ Minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 participants.


✿ FIRST BLOOM TRAINING – starting September 6st.
✿ SECOND BLOOM TRAINING – starting November 1st.

Your investment: 249,- euro, 199,- euro for students
* possibility for compensation through work, integration or health insurance.
* join our FIRST BLOOM TRAINING and profit a 10% discount!