BLOOM by Tribes

BLOOM by Tribes is here to help you flourish in all that you would like to achieve. To help you discover your own superpowers and to empower you to believe in yourself and your own authentic choice. Our methods work through integrating the whole self in the programme (body, mind and spirit), as we strongly believe that bringing those in balance will allow you to live fully and intentionally.


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Mindfulness training

8 weeks starting April 11th

The approach is focussed on acceptance, using tools like mindfulness to build toward a committed value based action. After this training you will approach life with flexibility vitality and self-awareness.

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7-11th June 2021
With Sahirine, Laura & Willemieke

Would you like to do a BLOOM development training and be on a yoga retreat on the same time?

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Bloom Team:

Sahirine Martinez
Laura Verhoog
Willemieke Verweij