BLOOM by Tribes

BLOOM by Tribes is here to help you flourish in all that you would like to achieve. To help you discover your own superpowers and to empower you to believe in yourself and your own authentic choice. Our methods work through integrating the whole self in the programme (body, mind and spirit), as we strongly believe that bringing those in balance will allow you to live fully and intentionally.



De-stress & Relax

December 20th online & January 24st 2021
During this Bloom Booster we will take time to rebalance and reflect. Because if you feel that the activities you undertake are draining you rather than giving you energy, then something is out of balance. We also take some time to discover how can we strengthen ourselves against stress and negative energy from the outside world and how to practicing self-care and self-compassion.

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Mini retreat

Jan 31st 2021
Theme: Return to roots
The seasonal transition from Autumn into Winter is a natural expression of change. When we experience change we have the opportunity to find our roots and ground ourselves to respond better towards changes happening outside of ourselves.

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15-18 March 2021
With Sahirine, Laura & Willemieke

Would you like to do a BLOOM development training and be on a yoga retreat on the same time?

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Bloom Team:

Sahirine Martinez
Laura Verhoog
Willemieke Verweij