This is the place to watch our Livestream Performance!

Step 1: Fill in the password (you will find it in your ticket link email*)
*If you did not get an email, please check your spam. If you can’t find it email us at

Step 2: Wait until the video starts*
*The feed will come online at 16:00, or a little after that. You do not have to refresh the page, the Livestream feed will start automatically.

Step 3: After the feed has started, you can go to the right corner to enlarge the video to full screen. Enjoy the show!

This is ALIGN. Our first professional Livestream Performance!

Tessel, Nikki, Lieke, Mari, Lisa, Eveline, Saimi, Meghna
Cymatic Dub
Amber, Esmee, Michelle DG, Sophie, Nicky
Point Zero
Selina, Saimi, Jamie, Eveline, Paloma
Amber, Hanna, Silke, Veerle, Zoë, Lieke, Lisa, Poppy
Meghna, Emma, Annelies, Krisna, Nicky, Veerle, Nienke, Sophie
Nikki, Nicky, Kirsten, Kim, Nathalie, Saimi, Annelies
RISE – Follow the Lights
Michelle, Marieke, Marlieke, Estelle, Sanne, Louise, Iris, Krisna, Romy, Lisa
‘Low it, woman.
Amber, Hanna, Michelle DG, Emma, Nikki, Tessel, Lotte
Thu Hang Pham
Justine Campagnard
Jamie de Groot
Rosa Allessie
Willemieke Verweij