When: Sundays 13:15-14:15
Start: 1st of October
Where: Tribes studio 2 | Haagweg 4F5
Duration: 4 weeks
Price: €50,- | Student* use the discount code: STUDENT for 15% off
*Discount does not apply to PhD-students

For whom
Everybody who would like to learn to twerk!

Meet the female dance form twerking –  in other words shake, shake shake with that bum. Learn to rotate with your buttocks, up and down and from side to side. You will learn it in this 4-week course block where we will introduce you to the basic techniques of “twerking” slash “shaking”. Twerking originates in the late 1980s, when women spun their hips and buttocks to ‘bounce’ music in the US state of New Orleans. You also regularly see movements with the buttocks and hips in African and Caribbean cultures/countries. It is feminine, sensual and has a positive influence on your self-confidence, will you join the next twerk class?