Tribes Total Body Boost

Tribes Total Body Boost

Start the year with a strong and dedicated mindset and an agile and ready body.
Recommended for everyone who wants to boost their energy after the holidays, who wants to get stronger, or simply wants to start of 2021 with a new movement rhythm and mindset.
Stretch your limits on your tempo. Incl. drill master, muscle soreness & a new body and mind.

3 days // 3 challenges a week

“Tight core, tight legs, tight booty. After this, you’ll be a tight cutie.”
Goal: boost that back. Read: this workout will strengthen important muscles for stability, core/back strength, etc.

“Maximum reps, maximum shred. Even during your breaks you will break a sweat.”
Goal: boost every bit. Read: this is a full body workout.

“If I tell you now, it’s not a surprise anymore.”
Goal: boost the rest. Read: this workout will be adapted to support previous workouts and personal needs.

4 weeks
3 times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri)
from 18:30-19:30
with Justine Campagnard