Summer Courses

Summer Semester 2020

Summer 2020 is maybe not our best holiday year, but it can become the best summer ever with our amazing summer courses!

A summer course is a one-week intensive in which you learn everything about a certain style. All the summer courses have their own theme, during the week you will also explore repertoire and performance related skills to work toward a final location performance or dance clip shooting in the weekend. All summer courses will work on an intermediate to advanced level – when in doubt contact us at

Styles & dates:
Commercial – Justine Campagnard – 13-17 July

Summer course 19:30-21:30 FULL
Summer course 17:00-19:00 Still spots available!
Jazz – Dance Company The Kitchen – 20-24 July
Summer course 19:30-21:30 FULL
Summer course 17:00-19:00 Still spots available!
Contemporary – Rosa Allessie – 27-31 July
Summer course 19:00-21:00 Still spots available!
Ballet – Willemieke Verweij – 3-7 August
Summer course 19:00-21:00 Still spots available!

Due to covid-19 regulations, there are 8 spots available per summer course. A second summer course will be planned from 17:00-19:00 in the same week, when the first summer course is full. 

Summer course details:
Mon-Fri from 19:00-21:00*
*in case of a second course, this will become 19:30-21:30
Shootings on Saturday or Sunday

95,00 euro*
*every second, third or fourth summer course is 75,00 euro. Please do not select this pricing if you only do one summer course.

COMMERCIAL (13-17 July)

with Justine Campagnard

Commercial is an umbrella name for the fusion of many urban and technical styles, used in the commercial industry. Think of the music videos, commercials or concerts/award shows that involve dance. In this week we will mainly focus on the more urban/choreography oriented styles, such as Hip Hop, Heels, Afro and Vogue.

We will cover important elements by using an audition training approach:
-First impression (confidence, looks, attire and portfolio)
-Presence and expression
-Pick up skills (details, musicality, flow/hits, positions)
-Freestyle (adapting the your technique, learned style and own flavour in your moment of improvisation)

You will not be expected to be competing with others or be on a professional “high performance level” like during auditions. This week gives you the opportunity to learn about the industry, get inspired and grow in according to your personal desire and ability. Warning: this week will give you a confidence and mindset boost!

End product:

All the audition training tools are very useful for filmed production, so we will wrap the week up with a video shoot in the form of a music video or commercial

JAZZ (20-24 July)

with Dance Company The Kitchen

Theme: 5 Languages of Love

In the jazz week we will focus on a different style every day. Taking the 5 languages of love as a theme throughout this week.
We all need a little bit of love and happiness in these hard times, so that’s why its a great topic to share, and with that also our love for dance.
Every day we do a warm-up containing some improv/creation/performance exercises and a new choreography.
The focus this week is working on sharp dynamics, musicality, expressive movements and the connection with the floor; the core of jazz dance.

We combine it to make a short movie on Sunday.
Its going to be lovely 😉

Day 1: Show Jazz – Acts of Service
Day 2: Old School Jazz – Physical touch
Day 3: Jazz/Urban – Receiving gifts
Day 4: Jazz/house fusion – Quality time
Day 5: Theatre/jazz fusion – Words of affirmation
Day 6 (Sunday): – Filming day


with Rosa Allessie

Theme: Sand

Day 1- Monday July 27th – Limón technique (fall and recovery and the interplay between weight and weightlessness)
Day 2 – Tuesday July 28th – Floorwork
Day 3 – Wednesday July 29th – Flying low & tricks (spiraling in and out of the floor, finding the middle level, combining jumps and turns with floorwork)
Day 4 – Thursday July 30th – Improv, Gaga, instant composition (finding your own flow, expression through movement alone and together)
Day 5 – Friday July 31th – Countertechnique (directing parts of the body away from each other in space)
Day 6 – Saturday August 1th – Performance time!

We will work on a performance with the (working) title Sand. In every grain of sand there is a story of the earth. We will investigate our ability to ground into the floor, into the earth, gather energy and rise back up again. Earthing (also known as grounding) means to transfer the energy from the ground into the body. We will use this energy to create a grounded, rooted, earthly dance that we will film and maybe perform (if COVID-restrictions allow it) it on the beach. I will create material and together we will play with it and put it together in a choreography.

BALLET (3-7 August)

with Willemieke Verweij

Theme: The drop that contained the sea

This week will focus on a more contemporary style of ballet choreography in which we explore the present situation in the world and the emotions that lie beneath the actions we see globally, locally and personally. We will use the imagery of water to create a piece in which we portray the complexity of being a single drop of water in a vast deep ocean, but at the same time being the drop that contained the sea.
We will always spend our first hour on deepening our understanding of ballet technique and building on our technical foundation. Then we will spend the next hour focussing on the following topics:

Day 1: embodiment
Day 2: movement qualities
Day 3: personality and expression

Day 4 & 5: repertoire