Summer Course Commercial

With Justine Campagnard
Adverts, live shows, concerts – The Commercial Industry. An industry filled with tools for self-development confidence and beauty. During this course we will use these tools and elements for our personal benefits.



presence & performance training
camera & expression training
personality & freestyle training
femininity & heels training


Mon-Fri from 20:00-22:00
Location: Haagweg 4 (Wednesdays) // Merenwijk
Places available
12 places in total


99,00 euro

General info & registration

Every adult summer week is 8-10 hours of dance training. In these immersive hours you will dive deep into a specific concept, technique or theme. The summer weeks are a unique possibility to deepen your dance practice, presence and embodiment various ways. Every summer dance week will have it’s own special way to finish the week off.