Summer Course Ballet Contemporary

With Willemieke Verweij



As you go through life, we learn that we cannot plan and control everything. This week is an invitation to let go of the mind and connect to yourself on a deeper level. We all have a whole world inside of us. It is time to connect to our intuition, the wisdom we carry, all that is meant to liberate your pathway to an embodied life in full expression.During this week you will explore what makes you YOU, what world you house within you and how to give space to your true expression in dance, yoga and life.

She beats to the beauty of her wildflower heart.

Mon-Fri from 20:00-22:00
Location: Merenwijk / Haagweg (Wednesdays)

Places available
10 places in total

99,00 euro

General info & registration

Every adult summer week is 8-10 hours of dance training. In these immersive hours you will dive deep into a specific concept, technique or theme. The summer weeks are a unique possibility to deepen your dance practice, presence and embodiment various ways. Every summer dance week will have it’s own special way to finish the week off.