Show Jazz (inter/adv)


4 week course starting 10th of January 2024
When: Wednesdays from 20:15-21:15
Where: Tribes studio 2 | Haagweg 4F5
Teacher: Demilee Warmerhoven
Price: 50 euro |Student* use the discount code: STUDENT for 15% off
*Discount does not apply to PhD-students

For whom?

This class is for intermediate/advanced dancers. This means that prior training is needed as we will build upon basic techniques in the jazz style.


This jazz class focuses on the show aspect of dance. Meaning we work on the quality of our movements as well as performance. Get comfortable and move! We will start this class with a warm up followed by a technical and then physical exercise before we move onto larger movements such as jumps or kicks. And of course we will work on some energetic and ‘showy’ choreographies! You will hear a mix of pop hits, broadway numbers and lesser know songs that are sure to make you want to move. Come and join this class for lots of lively movement, joyous choreographies and SHOW!